What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer to allow a website to collect data about your use of the site. They can track your progress through the site and any actions you take. The information stored doesn't make you personally identifiable, it's anonymised. So, for example, I can see reports which show me where visitors come from, which pages they visit, and track clicks on my website, but I won't be able to tie that data up to see that Sam in Manchester visited the homepage and two other pages and submitted a form.

Cookies used on this site

Where the cookie data is stored Cookie name Expires after Purpose
Google Analytics
(using Google Tag Manager to relay the data)
2 years
24 hours
1 minute
Performance cookies
These are cookies which I use to allow me to see how well my website performs. I can also use them to test website content and see which content is most popular so I can produce more of it.
Read more from Google about privacy and safeguarding your data
YouTube PREF
8 months
End of session
8 months
End of session
Performance cookies
These cookies allow me to see how well my videos perform. I can see things like how many times a video is watched or how much of a video is watched. I use this to see which videos are most popular so I can produce more of them.
I have privacy-enhanced mode set for all videos on my site, so YouTube will store information only when you play a video.
Read more from YouTube about privacy and safeguarding your data
Google Adwords _gac_
90 days Advertising cookie
This cookie tracks visits generated by people who clicked on an Adwords Search or Display ad. This helps me to monitor which ads are relevant and better targeted and show less of others.

Changing your cookie settings

Cookies help businesses to run effectively, and keep in touch with what their customers want. However, if you want to control which cookies you accept, the easiest way is to do so via your web browser. Follow the links below to find out more (these will open in a new window)

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